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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Jilting of Granny Weatherall.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Granny say to the doctor as she considers what she wanted to give her children?
(a) Shut up
(b) Hush and be quiet
(c) Go away
(d) Don’t bother me

2. What did Granny’s father have on his last birthday?
(a) Hot toddy
(b) Cake
(c) Wine
(d) Cobbler

3. As Granny imagines something, what won’t her companion give her?
(a) Hymnal
(b) Rosary
(c) Reins
(d) Book

4. What would Granny say to her children when it was time to come in from playing?
(a) Come in for supper
(b) It’s getting dark
(c) Time for bed
(d) Don’t stay out in the night air

5. What did Granny always hate?
(a) Funerals
(b) Sickness
(c) Surprises
(d) Death beds

Short Answer Questions

1. What pet name does Jimmy call his mother?

2. After Granny tries to tell the doctor what she wants, what whispering does she hear?

3. How far does Lydia drive to talk with her mother?

4. What does Granny feel like doing when she imagines hearing something?

5. What does Granny think when Father Connolly touches her?

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