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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Jilting of Granny Weatherall.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What color was the flame when the lamp was lit?
(a) Blue
(b) Orange
(c) Red
(d) Yellow

2. When Cornelia says to humor Granny because she’s eighty, how does Granny feel?
(a) Like she lives in a thin glass cage
(b) Frustrated
(c) Like she is being mollycoddled
(d) Angry

3. What response does Granny get when she tells the doctor what she wants?
(a) No answer
(b) Scolding
(c) Appeasing chat
(d) Her wish

4. How old is Granny?
(a) Nearly 90
(b) 82
(c) Nearly 80
(d) 79

5. Who dug the post holes when Granny fenced in an acreage?
(a) Lydia
(b) Jimmy
(c) Granny
(d) Cornelia

Short Answer Questions

1. How many birds does Granny imagine she hears?

2. After describing Dr. Harry, how does Cornelia’s voice sound to Granny?

3. What is Father Connolly murmuring toward the end of the story?

4. What are the birds singing that Granny imagines hearing?

5. As Granny remembers being jilted, what does she tell herself to do about being jilted?

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