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Essay Topic 1

Granny has a conflict with Dr. Harry. Why does Granny have conflicts with Dr. Harry? Does she have conflicts with other characters? How does conflict move along the plot of the story?

Essay Topic 2

The author uses stream of consciousness to tell the story. How does this technique help readers to feel what Granny is feeling? Does this technique make it difficult to follow the story? How does this technique effectively show Granny’s thoughts and feelings as she dies?

Essay Topic 3

Granny lives with her daughter Cornelia. Why does Granny complain about Cornelia? Do the women treat one another with respect? How does the relationship show Granny’s sense that she is losing control?

Essay Topic 4

After sixty years, Granny still struggles with being left at the altar. How does Granny feel when she thinks about being jilted? Has time lessened her feelings? Has the...

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