The Jilting of Granny Weatherall Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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• Granny tells Dr. Harry to leave her since there is nothing wrong with her.

• She resents the doctor who is so young.

• He wasn’t around when she pulled through milk-leg and double pneumonia forty years ago.

• After the doctor leaves, Granny can hear them whispering in the next room.

• Granny resents the fact that they are whispering about her; she still has ears.

• Cornelia returns to check on her mother, and Granny sends her away.

• Granny tries to nap a little before supper and remembers times past.

• She remembers when she was sixty and thought she was dying.

• She made farewell visits to her children and grandchildren.

• She doesn’t think she is dying now; after all, her father was 102 when he died.

• Granny lives with Cornelia but wishes that she could pack up and go back to her own house.

• Granny...

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