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Luigi Barzini, Jr.
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When might a family extend into extreme behavior?
(a) If they are wealthy.
(b) If the government is weakened.
(c) If circumstances warrant.
(d) Never.

2. The Northerners believe that what is the way to achieve their goals?
(a) The acquisition of wealth.
(b) Through deception.
(c) Through the Church.
(d) The acquisition of power and influence.

3. What is the Baroque period?
(a) A time of magnificent artistic creativity beginning in 17th century Italy.
(b) A time of gothic cathedrals and other impressive architecture.
(c) A time of very little artistic creativity.
(d) A time of minimalism and streamlined design and architecture.

4. In Sicily, each man's rank is determined by what?
(a) His looks.
(b) His intelligence.
(c) His wealth.
(d) The amount of fear he can generate.

5. What rises to power during this time and many people are tried, tortured and killed in the name of preserving the Church?
(a) The Spanish Inquisition.
(b) The Holy Inquisition.
(c) The Medieval Inquisition.
(d) The Portuguese Inquisition.

6. What makes up the puzzling Problema del Mezzogiorno?
(a) Profound differences between the two Italies.
(b) Profound differences between the Romans and Tuscans.
(c) Profound differences between the Italians and Sicilians.
(d) Profound differences between the Roman Catholics and Greek Orthodox.

7. Italians strive for what?
(a) Creative thinking.
(b) Freedom.
(c) Concrete reasoning.
(d) Free speech.

8. Where do consolation, help, advice, provisions, loans, weapons, allies and accomplices lie?
(a) The government.
(b) Wealth.
(c) In the family.
(d) Friends.

9. What did this man write?
(a) The Book of the Courtier.
(b) The Fatal Charm of Italy.
(c) I Ricordi.
(d) Di Rienzo.

10. In the aftermath of this battle, what happens to Italy's virtues and assets?
(a) They are changed by other European countries.
(b) They are laid bare and ripe for the picking by other European armies.
(c) They are hidden.
(d) They are destroyed.

11. This bastion of security can have many positive facets but also can exhibit negatively in what?
(a) Fear.
(b) Anarchy.
(c) Anxiety.
(d) War.

12. The confusion about the Mafia is almost always perpetuated by whom?
(a) The media.
(b) The organization itself.
(c) The Italians.
(d) The Sicilians.

13. Most families attempt to remain faithful to what?
(a) Their government.
(b) The perfect family as possible.
(c) Their friends.
(d) Catholicism.

14. What complicates matters even further between Northerners and Southerners?
(a) There is no definite line separating the two areas.
(b) There is a definite line separating the two areas.
(c) They speak different dialects.
(d) They look very different from each other.

15. Throughout their long history the Italian people have learned that their best defense against corruption, violence, civil wars and revolutions is to do what?
(a) Protest.
(b) Keep their mouths shut.
(c) Hide.
(d) Speak out.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are Sicilians able to avoid?

2. What do Italians think about the rules of capitalism?

3. Is payment in the form of money?

4. Italians, like many other people, must one day realize what about life?

5. The people of this island are extremely ________________.

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