The Italians Short Essay - Answer Key

Luigi Barzini, Jr.
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1. From where do most foreigners to Italy come? What brings these visitors?

The largest number comes from Northern Europe and the United States, but Russia, Africa and Asia are all represented in the deluge of travelers to Italy each year. The tourists are driven by some unknown urge and demonstrate slightly frenzied behavior upon crossing over the border into Italy.

2. In what activities to visitors take part?

Most visitors engage in the same activities such as drinking vast and indiscriminate quantities of wine, listening to opera and small town bands and attempting to speak Italian, things most would never consider doing in their own home towns. For most men, the sport of pursuing women is primary, and the author admits that most Italian girls and young women are disturbingly beautiful which accounts for much of the male attention. Female visitors also feel that Italian males are irresistible with charms that pay no attention to their particular marital status or circumstances.

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