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Luigi Barzini, Jr.
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The Peaceful Invasion, The Eternal Pilgrimage, The Fatal Charm of Italy and The Importance of Spectacle

• Foreign visitors flock to Italy each year in increasing numbers, with the largest number coming from Northern Europe and the United States, but Russia, Africa and Asia are all represented in the deluge of travelers to Italy each year.
• Most visitors engage in the same activities such as drinking wine, listening to opera and small town bands and attempting to speak Italian.

• For most men, the sport of pursuing women is primary, and female visitors also feel that Italian males are irresistible.

• Visitors to Italy often return the next year and some make the decision to stay permanently once they fall under the country's irresistible spell.
• This influx of people in Italy is not new as barbarians and religious pilgrims have found their way here for centuries.

• In ancient times, travel was...

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