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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Paulo announce is approaching in Chapter 13?
(a) Two Carmelite spies.
(b) The abbess of the convent.
(c) Vivaldi's parents.
(d) The local sheriff.

2. What happens to Ellena on the morning she is to leave for the convent at Santa Maria della Pieta?
(a) She discovers a letter from her father.
(b) She falls down the steps.
(c) She is confronted by Vivaldi's mother.
(d) She is kidnapped by three masked men.

3. Why does Ellena admonish the abbess?
(a) For the unfair treatment of servants.
(b) For the lack of food she was given.
(c) The tightness of the bindings holding her.
(d) For lacking respect for Ellena's precepts of a holy religion.

4. Near the end of Chapter 3, what does Ellena promise to tell Vivaldi the following week?
(a) Who her parents are.
(b) Her real name.
(c) Her decision about marriage.
(d) The location of a buried treasure.

5. What does Vivaldi suspect is the cause of death in the investigation?
(a) Strangulation.
(b) Suicide.
(c) Old age.
(d) Poison.

6. What is Schedoni worried about when Marchesa says," We are betrayed"?
(a) She is going to kill him.
(b) She has discovered his past.
(c) A war has begun.
(d) His failing health.

7. Who does Vivaldi suspect is plaguing him in Chapter 3?
(a) Her mother's secret adviser.
(b) The friar.
(c) Ellena's aunt.
(d) His friend Bonarmo.

8. Why is Vivaldi advised not to pursue Ellena?
(a) Ellena is not interested.
(b) His family would be averse to such a union.
(c) He cannot afford a wedding ring.
(d) Ellena is already married.

9. What choice is given to Ellena in Chapter 8?
(a) To repent her sins or flee the country.
(b) To accept the veil or marry a husband chosen for her.
(c) The color of her wedding gown.
(d) The fate of prisoners of the state.

10. Where does Ellena decide to board for sanctuary?
(a) Vivaldi's home.
(b) The Sicilian coast.
(c) The Tuscan wine region.
(d) The convent of Santa Maria della Pieta.

11. What does Olivia leave for Ellena in her room?
(a) Several books.
(b) A musical instrument.
(c) A new dress.
(d) A small pet.

12. What benefit does Ellena gain after meeting Olivia?
(a) Access to forbidden fruit.
(b) A room with a beautiful view.
(c) A large cask of wine.
(d) A letter from Vivaldi.

13. In Chapter 3, what does Ellena finally acknowledge Vivaldi as?
(a) The village idiot.
(b) A great singer.
(c) An admirer.
(d) An annoyance.

14. What does Vivaldi hear Ellena singing when he returns to the villa alone after Bonarmo refuses to accompany him?
(a) An opera.
(b) The Italian national anthem.
(c) The song he serenaded her with.
(d) A religious hymn.

15. What attracts Vincentio di Vivaldi to Ellena di Rosalba at first?
(a) Her charming demeanor.
(b) Her eyes.
(c) Her singing voice.
(d) The size of her wallet.

Short Answer Questions

1. What rumor does Vivaldi's mother hear in Chapter 14?

2. Who does Vivaldi join when he nears a convent to avoid suspicion?

3. What causes Ellena to wonder if Olivia had similar circumstances?

4. Who warns Vivaldi about visiting Ellena's villa?

5. What does Ellena realize about love at the end of Chapter 6?

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