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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 3, what does Ellena finally acknowledge Vivaldi as?
(a) An annoyance.
(b) The village idiot.
(c) An admirer.
(d) A great singer.

2. When Paulo tells him of the man in white garb, who does Vivaldi think the man is?
(a) Paulo's father.
(b) An angel sent from God.
(c) The man who is plaguing him.
(d) A famous painter.

3. What does Vivaldi's friend suggest he do near the end of Chapter 1?
(a) Serenade Ellena.
(b) Take a long nap.
(c) Buy Ellena's villa.
(d) Leave the country.

4. What charge is Vivaldi arrested for in Chapter 16?
(a) Blasphemy.
(b) Tax evasion.
(c) Kidnapping a nun.
(d) Murder.

5. What amazes the English travelers in the Introduction?
(a) The fettuccini alfredo.
(b) The Italian language.
(c) The portico of Santa Maria del Pianto.
(d) The Italian countryside.

6. Who does Paulo announce is approaching in Chapter 13?
(a) Two Carmelite spies.
(b) Vivaldi's parents.
(c) The local sheriff.
(d) The abbess of the convent.

7. Who is Ellena enchanted by on the fifth day of her captivity at the convent of San Stefano?
(a) The dark haired man she is to marry.
(b) Vivaldi's servant Paulo.
(c) A nun singing hymns.
(d) The spirit of the devil.

8. Where does Vivaldi visit upon returning home in Chapter 4?
(a) His mother's closet.
(b) The local church.
(c) His father's office.
(d) His friend Bonarmo's home.

9. What does Vivaldi ascertain after observing his mother's adviser?
(a) He is not the man plaguing him.
(b) His mother is having an affair with him.
(c) The adviser is very ill.
(d) The adviser is plotting to kill his mother.

10. What does Ellena beg Vivaldi not to do when their wedding is interrupted and she is seized by the intruders?
(a) Leave her.
(b) Love her any longer.
(c) Follow her.
(d) Forget about her.

11. What happens to Ellena on the morning she is to leave for the convent at Santa Maria della Pieta?
(a) She is kidnapped by three masked men.
(b) She is confronted by Vivaldi's mother.
(c) She discovers a letter from her father.
(d) She falls down the steps.

12. What is promised the Marchesa for punishing Ellena?
(a) Wealth beyond measure.
(b) A royal position.
(c) Canonization.
(d) Absolution and protection from the Church.

13. What does Vivaldi's father accuse him of doing to Ellena?
(a) Horrifying her.
(b) Murdering her.
(c) Coercing her with money.
(d) Staining her honor.

14. Why does Vivaldi hope to locate a priest in Chapter 13?
(a) To confess his sins.
(b) To get a monetary loan.
(c) For protection.
(d) To have an immediate marriage to Ellena.

15. What does Schedoni do when Vivaldi questions him?
(a) Ignores his questions.
(b) Answers his questions fully.
(c) Flees the church.
(d) Charges Vivaldi with a sword.

Short Answer Questions

1. What can Ellena not help doing when Vivaldi joins her in song?

2. Who warns Vivaldi about visiting Ellena's villa?

3. What does the friar offer to send the travelers?

4. What rumor does Vivaldi's mother hear in Chapter 14?

5. Why is Vivaldi's mother displeased with her son when she returns to her apartment?

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