The Ionian Mission Character Descriptions

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Jack Aubrey - This character is a larger-than-life character with charisma and dash, and is an unchallenged master in his element of the sea.

Stephen Maturin y Domanova - This character is a quiet man who much prefers the closeness of a study to the attention of others; his personal expertise lies in the area of medicine.

Tom Pullings - This character is an enthusiastic and optimistic officer, a devoted supporter of the captain, who has little prospect for advancement in rank.

Mowett - This character is a literary man much devoted to writing, reciting, and reading poetry.

William Babbington - This character is a post captain, and is a smaller man, stunted by various bouts with venereal diseases contracted during an active youth.

Nathaniel Martin - This character is a parson seeking conveyance to his final destination.

Professor Graham - This character is a Scottish man attached to...

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