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Short Answer Questions

1. After accidentally killing an animal with a pebble, what does Equiano do?

2. During the last year of the war, what are Equiano and Pascal doing?

3. When Equiano is kidnapped, what do the kidnappers do to keep him quiet?

4. Where does the slave ship land?

5. What does the island where Equiano's new owner takes him have a reputation for?

Short Essay Questions

1. Based on Equiano's descriptions of his experience as an African slave, would you say that system of slavery seems to match what Equiano told the reader about it in Chapter 1?

2. What are the two disappointments Equiano experiences in the Mediterranean?

3. Explain the argument Equiano makes to prove that Africans are related to Europeans.

4. Does Equiano's personality seem to change at all in Chapter 3?

5. Describe Captain Doran's personality.

6. Describe the character of Thomas Farmer as it is developed in Chapter 6.

7. How are King, Equiano, and Famer all characterized by the episode when King threatens to sell Equiano and Farmer persuades him not to do that?

8. What is the effect on the reader of Equiano's emphasis on his early impressions of white people (that they are magic, devils, etc.)?

9. In Chapter 4, how is Pascal's personality revealed to readers?

10. The white people in Chapter 2 do not come out looking very good. How do you think white readers at the time Equiano wrote his book would have felt about his depiction of their race, and why?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In Chapter 10, Equiano decides to go to Turkey because the Turks are the most Christ-like people he believes he has met. Based on his descriptions of all the different national and ethnic groups he encounters, explain how he might have come to this conclusion. Is it supported by the information he has presented elsewhere in the book?

Essay Topic 2

Equiano is not the only person in his life story who experiences disappointments and setbacks on a regular basis. Select two disappointments, difficulties, or setbacks experienced by two different people other than Equiano and compare them to at least one of Equiano's setbacks.

Essay Topic 3

The word "interesting" as used in the title of The Interesting Narrative would have had at least two meanings for eighteenth-century readers. "Interesting" would have meant, as it still does today, something like "entertaining" or at least "not boring." In addition, "interesting" would have meant something like "sympathetic." In other words, it would have meant that the narrative was likely to make the readers "interested in" or sympathetic to Equiano. Based on the title, then, the autobiography has the dual goals of entertaining the reader and making the reader sympathize with the author. How well does the book achieve these two goals?

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