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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Equiano finds Pascal in England, how does Pascal react?
(a) He has Equiano arrested as a runaway slave.
(b) He is not happy to see Equiano.
(c) He hides from Equiano, fearing that his former slave will kill him.
(d) He jumps up and down and shouts with joy.

2. What else has Equiano done since the first edition of his Narrative was published?
(a) Gotten married.
(b) Built a house in Africa.
(c) Been made a knight by the King of England.
(d) Adopted African children.

3. What do some people say after the problems on the way from New Providence to Georgia?
(a) That Equiano sabotaged the ship.
(b) That Phillips is a good captain.
(c) That Phillips's crew is cursed.
(d) That their problems are a punishment from God for trading in slaves.

4. What order does Phillips give that would have cost the lives of many slaves?
(a) Phillips orders that the slaves be given no food.
(b) Phillips orders the hatches to be nailed shut.
(c) Phillips orders that the slaves test the drinking water on the island.
(d) Phillips orders that the slaves do all the work of rebuilding the ship without any help from the crew.

5. What makes Equiano attracted to Christianity?
(a) He falls in love with a Christian woman.
(b) Reading the New Testament.
(c) He hears George Whitfield preach in London.
(d) Lord Mulgrave tells him that Christianity was what made him decide on his expedition.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to John Annis on the boat to Turkey?

2. How does Dr. Irving die?

3. What position does Equiano receive in relationship to the Sierra Leone project?

4. What does Equiano see in Philadelphia that pleases him?

5. What does Equiano do that he later thinks is a cause of the wreck of the Nancy?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does the episode with John Annis affect Equiano's quest for a religion?

2. Why does Equiano want to become ordained?

3. What are the possible conclusions about Equiano's prophetic dream about finding a boat on the return trip from Cadiz?

4. Is there an implicit argument being made in Equiano's description of the time he spent in Turkey?

5. Explain Equiano's economic argument for ending slavery.

6. When Equiano decides he needs to find a religion to commit to (after his trip to the North Pole), how does he begin his search?

7. How do Equiano's experiences in Georgia reflect on the conditions for free black men in the U.S. South before the Civil War?

8. How does the trip to the North Pole develop Equiano's characterization?

9. How does the episode in which Phillips's crew see a flock of flamingos characterize the crew?

10. Do you think it makes sense for Equiano to believe that he made the ship wreck by cursing it?

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