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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do the natives like Dr. Irving?
(a) Because he converts them to Christianity.
(b) Because he can dance and sing well.
(c) Because he gives them whiskey and guns.
(d) Because he cures snake bites.

2. How does the crew of Mulgrave's expedition survive?
(a) Equiano and the first mate tie the captain up and take over the ship.
(b) They kill the whale and use its body to keep the ship afloat.
(c) They chase off the Eskimos with cannon fire.
(d) They saw through the ice to keep enough water around the ship to prevent it from being completely stuck.

3. What is the name of the Native American Equiano tries to convert to Christianity?
(a) Prince George.
(b) Dr. Irving.
(c) Hiawatha.
(d) Chingachgook.

4. What happens to Equiano on shipboard on October 6?
(a) He feels "born again," spiritually.
(b) He curses the ship and it sinks.
(c) His turkeys die.
(d) He falls overboard.

5. After the wreck of the Nancy, why does Equiano have to delay his return to Montserrat and his departure for England?
(a) Equiano is sick.
(b) His captain refuses to return money that Equiano lent him.
(c) Equiano has run into Richard Baker and they want to spend time catching up.
(d) Equiano has been kidnapped and sold as an escaped slave.

Short Answer Questions

1. What dream does Equiano have on the way back from Cadiz?

2. How does Dr. Irving die?

3. Why does Equiano decide to leave the plantation?

4. What does Equiano tell Farmer before Farmer dies?

5. When the crew think they see cannibals, what are they really looking at?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are the possible conclusions about Equiano's prophetic dream about finding a boat on the return trip from Cadiz?

2. How does the trip to the North Pole develop Equiano's characterization?

3. How does his experience of being "born again" change Equiano's attitude toward life?

4. Explain Equiano's economic argument for ending slavery.

5. How are Equiano and Farmer each characterized by the incident with the bulls and the turkeys?

6. Why does Equiano want to become ordained?

7. Do you think it makes sense for Equiano to believe that he made the ship wreck by cursing it?

8. Describe Equiano's trip to New York and Philadelphia in 1784.

9. Is there an implicit argument being made in Equiano's description of the time he spent in Turkey?

10. Why do you think Equiano goes back and forth so much between going to sea and other ways of making a living, like hairdressing?

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