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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What two skills is Equiano taught as a child?
(a) Tracking deer and killing birds.
(b) Herbal healing and banjo playing.
(c) Agriculture and warfare.
(d) Snake charming and bartering.

2. Why do Eboe merchants kiss the food they are offering for sale?
(a) To show that they love their work.
(b) To prove that it is not poisoned.
(c) To prove that it tastes good.
(d) To show respect to God.

3. What does Equiano think is "magic" on the slave ships?
(a) Mermaids and monsters they see in the water.
(b) The stoves the cooks use to heat food on the ship.
(c) How the sailors make the ship move and stop.
(d) The oranges and lemons the sailors use to prevent scurvy.

4. Once King decides not to sell Equiano, what does King do?
(a) Gives Equiano additional goods to sell.
(b) Sells all his other slaves instead.
(c) Goes to work for Farmer himself.
(d) Stays in his air-conditioned bedroom all day.

5. Which of the following is a problem Equiano sees in the West Indies?
(a) The white men seem to think it's acceptable to rape female slaves.
(b) None of the slaves have been converted to Christianity.
(c) The docks are in very poor condition.
(d) The female slaves are eager to have children with the white slave owners.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Equiano is enslaved to a chief, what kind of shop does he work in?

2. What work does Equiano do at first for his second owner in the West Indies?

3. How does Equiano get the first mate to teach him navigation?

4. When he is taken on board the slave ship, what does Equiano fear?

5. How does Equiano say the Eboe punish adultery?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the effect on the reader of Equiano's emphasis on his early impressions of white people (that they are magic, devils, etc.)?

2. How are King, Equiano, and Famer all characterized by the episode when King threatens to sell Equiano and Farmer persuades him not to do that?

3. Does Equiano's personality seem to change at all in Chapter 3?

4. Explain the significance of the Eboe practice of merchants kissing the food that they are offering for sale.

5. Describe Robert King's personality.

6. In Chapter 3, how is Pascal characterized?

7. Based on Equiano's descriptions of his experience as an African slave, would you say that system of slavery seems to match what Equiano told the reader about it in Chapter 1?

8. Why does Equiano learn navigation but then not use his new skills when he has the opportunity to escape on Farmer's ship?

9. How is Equiano characterized by his behavior while he is a slave in Africa?

10. Explain the argument Equiano makes to prove that Africans are related to Europeans.

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