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Short Answer Questions

1. Why are Bertie's cousins at the same estate Bingo is working at?

2. Who is Blumenfield?

3. What does Bingo worry will happen if old Little finds out he is posing as a Red Dawn member?

4. Why are the first four finishers of the egg and spoon race disqualified?

5. What does Harold claim was put down his back to make him interrupt the evening service?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Bingo do to fall out of favor with Mary? What does Jeeves say he should do to get back on her good side?

2. What does Cyril decide to do after losing his part in "Ask Dad"? What does Jeeves admit at the end of Chapter 10?

3. After learning that Rev. Wingham is also vying for Mary Burgess's affection, what does Jeeves suggest Bingo do?

4. What does Steggles do to sabotage Bertie's bets in Chapter 14?

5. Why is Cyril arrested in Chapter 9?

6. What happens after Ocean Breeze loses the Goodwood Cup?

7. What does Bertie discover about Comrade Butt when the Red Dawn come to his flat for lunch?

8. What is the "golden opportunity" that Claude and Eustace invite Bertie to participate in?

9. Why is Bingo Little disguising himself and participating in the Heralds of the Red Dawn?

10. What project does Bingo undertake in order to impress Mary? What does Bertie worry will happen during the event?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss love and romance in Wodehouse's stories. Are romance and love often focuses of his stories? What are some examples of stories that center around the romance of Wooster and his love interest?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the all-knowing aspect of Jeeves' character. Why is this an important trait to have in his profession? How does Jeeves' vast knowledge base help both him and Wooster throughout the book?

Essay Topic 3

Wodehouse often uses misunderstandings in a comedic manner. Discuss the misunderstanding in the stories from "The Inimitable Jeeves". How do they create a comedic tone? Are they always resolved?

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