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Chapters 1 and 2

• Bertie takes a ride to the local park and meets Bingo by accident.

• Bingo informs Bertie that he has fallen in love with a girl named Mabel and that he wishes for Bertie to meet her.

• Bingo and Bertie go to a tea-and-buns shop and Bingo introduces Mabel, who is a waitress at the shop.

• Bingo's uncle must be convinced that Mabel is a suitable wife for Bingo, despite her lower class.

• Jeeves thinks up a plan to introduce old Little to the romance novels of Rosie M. Banks, which feature upper-class men romancing lower-class women.

• It is revealed that Jeeves is attracted to old Little's cook, Miss Watson.

• Old Little is smitten with the books.

• Bingo tells old Little that Wooster is the author of the books.

• When Bingo asks old Little for more money to marry Mabel, he is turned down. Old Little wants...

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