The Imperfectionists: A Novel Short Essay - Answer Key

Tom Rachman
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1. Where does Lloyd Burko live according to Chapter 1?

According to Chapter 1, Lloyd Burko lives in Paris where he reported for newspapers and magazines and works for a paper based out of Rome. Lloyd's wife is having an affair with a neighbor and spends little time with Lloyd.

2. Why does Lloyd's daughter not like her father?

Lloyd's daughter does not like her father because he had multiple marriages and was guilty of sexual indiscretion. Lloyd's son, Jerome, however is the only one of his children who still makes time for his father. Jerome works for the French foreign ministry and Lloyd wants a lead on a story so he can pay the rent.

3. What does Jerome tell Lloyd about France?

Jerome tells Lloyd that France is proposing a U.N. peacekeeping force in Gaza and when Lloyd contacts the paper's news editor and proposes the story, Menzies is excited. When Menzies receives the first draft, he is disappointed as it is filled with vague quotes.

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