The Imperfectionists: A Novel Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Tom Rachman
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Chapter 1

• In Chapter 1, Lloyd Burko lives in Paris.

• Burko once worked for several major newspapers and magazines and now works for one paper based out of Rome.

• Burko is married, but his wife is having an open affair.

• Burko is having a hard time making the rent.
• Burko spends what little money he has on a gift for his daughter, but she doesn't like him because of his past affairs.

• Burko plans to see his son, Jerome.

• Jerome works for the French foreign ministry.

• Burko wants to ask his son for inside information to use for a story to pay his rent.
• Jerome and his dad meet a second time.

• Jerome tells Burko that France is proposing a U.N. peacekeeping force in Gaza.

• Burko proposes the story to Menzies and Menzies pushes him to reveal his contact.

• Burko explains it is his son.

• Menzies agrees to run...

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