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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Troy try to convince his men of about Garroting Deep?
(a) It is the only choice they have.
(b) It is set up to trap Foul's men but will protect them.
(c) It always protects the good.
(d) They will not die there.

2. What bargain does Covenant make with himself?
(a) To help Troy return to their world.
(b) To take a more active part in the search for the Seventh Ward.
(c) To protect the other Ranyhyn.
(d) To marry Lena.

3. What does Covenant think of Elena's opinion of Kevin?
(a) It is probably accurate.
(b) It may prove to be true.
(c) It is an insane opinion.
(d) He has no idea and does not care.

4. What does the Lords Council do in Loresraat?
(a) Censor Covenant.
(b) Hold a council meeting.
(c) Fire Troy.
(d) Split up to go various places.

5. What does Covenant feel justified in doing?
(a) Summoning another Ranyhyn.
(b) Manipulating Elena.
(c) Using Bannor for Covenant's own plans.
(d) Sending the Ranyhyn away.

6. Why can't the travelers touch the water of the lake?
(a) There is no reason.
(b) Its power would overwhelm them.
(c) It is harmful to human flesh.
(d) It would drain them of their life essence.

7. Why is Troy angered?
(a) That Covenant is honored above High Lord Elena.
(b) That he is told to obey Covenant.
(c) That he is not acknowledged at the meeting of the council.
(d) That he is fired.

8. Who tells Troy he believes something terrible is going to happen to Elena?
(a) Covenant.
(b) No one.
(c) Mhoram.
(d) Trell.

9. How does Troy lose consciousness?
(a) A creature's blood burns through to his brain.
(b) He is hit by a flying projectile.
(c) He is knocked in the head by one of the giants.
(d) He is tossed off his horse.

10. What is the reason Covenant refuses to believe in the land?
(a) He is afraid of being disappointed.
(b) He thinks he is being duped.
(c) To control what the Land would impose on him.
(d) He is afraid of loving again.

11. What does Troy do when he notices a shimmering?
(a) He shoots it.
(b) He sneaks up and grabs it.
(c) Nothing.
(d) He points it out to the council.

12. Who does Mhoram see coming up the river in the middle of Garroting Deep?
(a) Covenant and Bannor.
(b) Elena and Amok.
(c) Covenant and Amok.
(d) Elena and Covenant.

13. What does Elena tell her that her mother did not teach her?
(a) A desire for revenge.
(b) How to hate.
(c) How to separate love from hate.
(d) Bitterness towards Covenant.

14. What does Caerroil say before letting the humans into Garroting Deep?
(a) The men must stay on the path.
(b) The men will live but will never be able to speak of their experience.
(c) There will be a price.
(d) The men will be changed by the experience.

15. Who attacks the army as it is marching?
(a) About forty giants.
(b) No one.
(c) Some forest trolls.
(d) Flying creatures.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who helps Troy?

2. Who does Elena choose to go with her?

3. What happens when the army stops for a rest after marching several days?

4. What does Covenant wonder about Elena's choice?

5. What does Covenant wish to say to Bannor?

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