The Illearth War Character Descriptions

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Thomas Covenant

A leper in the real world.

Hile Troy

A person who also has been called to the Land the same as Covenant and who is blind in his native world.


The person who summons Thomas Covenant to the Land for the second time.

Lord Mhoram

He has a disturbing dream of the Bloodguard serving Lord Foul.

Trell Atiaran-mate

The grandfather of High Lord Elena.

Lord Foul

The enemy of the Land who wishes to kill and enslave all who are in it.

Kevin Landwaster

A High Lord who becomes desperate in his first battle with Lord Foul and destroys the Land.


The legendary Timelord and the one who created the Land.


The Bloodguard assigned to Thomas Covenant.


The being that comes to take High Lord Elena to the Seventh Lore.

Caerroil Wildwood

The forestal of Garroting Deep.


Thomas Covenant raped her...

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