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Suzanne Collins
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What item does Katniss tell Rue in Part 2, Chapter 16 that she plans to steal from the Careers' supplies?
(a) A sleeping bag.
(b) Knives.
(c) Food.
(d) Guns.

2. What does Katniss believe to be her fault in respect to Peeta's injuries?
(a) The loss of his leg from infection.
(b) The loss of his leg from Cato's attack.
(c) The loss of his leg from the mutt bite.
(d) The loss of his leg from the tourniquet.

3. Who does Katniss see picking through the wreckage of the Careers' supplies in Part 2, Chapter 17?
(a) Foxface.
(b) Clove.
(c) Rue.
(d) Cato.

4. What does Katniss sing to Rue as she lies dying?
(a) The national anthem.
(b) Rue's own end of day song.
(c) A folk song taught to her by her father.
(d) A District Twelve lullaby.

5. How does Katniss leach the infection from Peeta's leg wound in Part 3, Chapter 19?
(a) She uses medicine Haymitch sent.
(b) The leaves Rue showed her to use.
(c) She presses on it.
(d) She wraps it with tree bark.

Short Answer Questions

1. What awaits Katniss and Peeta as they return to District Twelve?

2. Who rescues Peeta as a mutt tries to pull him down from the Cornucopia in the beginning of Part 3, Chapter 25?

3. What is remarkable about Peeta's appearance in the beginning of Part 2, Chapter 12?

4. How does Peeta signal Katniss where to shoot Cato as Cato holds Peeta in a headlock?

5. Who does Katniss hear Cato promising to kill in Part 2, Chapter 16?

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