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Suzanne Collins
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Rue tell Katniss the Careers leave to watch over their food stores by the lake?
(a) A boy from District Three.
(b) A girl from District Three.
(c) A boy from District Ten.
(d) A girl from District Ten.

2. What does Katniss use her last arrow to do in Part 3, Chapter 25?
(a) To save Cato.
(b) To shoot one of the mutts.
(c) To signal the end of the games.
(d) Make a tourniquet for Peeta, then kill Cato.

3. What item does Katniss tell Rue in Part 2, Chapter 16 that she plans to steal from the Careers' supplies?
(a) Knives.
(b) A sleeping bag.
(c) Food.
(d) Guns.

4. Who does Katniss hear Cato promising to kill in Part 2, Chapter 16?
(a) Rue.
(b) Foxface.
(c) Clove.
(d) Katniss.

5. How does Katniss purify the water she finds at the end of Part 2, Chapter 12?
(a) With a purifying machine.
(b) With hydrogen peroxide.
(c) With alcohol.
(d) With iodine.

6. How does Rue react to Katniss' plot to drive the Careers away from her tree in Part 2, Chapter 14?
(a) She calls down to warn the Careers.
(b) She jumps into Katniss' tree to help.
(c) She climbs out of her tree and runs.
(d) She quietly moves away through the trees.

7. Why is Katniss seeing shining things around objects as she runs into the woods after her attack on the Careers in Part 2, Chapter 14?
(a) There really are shining things around objects.
(b) The Gamemakers have altered her sesne of sight.
(c) She is losing a great deal of blood.
(d) She is hallucinating from the tracker jacker venom.

8. Who finds Katniss as she attempts to reclaim the bow and arrow from Glimmer in Part 2, Chapter 14?
(a) Foxface.
(b) Cato.
(c) Peeta.
(d) Clove.

9. What song are the mockingjays singing as Katniss and Peeta wait for Cato?
(a) A song Peeta taught them.
(b) The national anthem.
(c) Rue's song.
(d) Katniss's lullaby.

10. What trap does Katniss discover Rue has fallen into when she finds her at the end of Part 2, Chapter 17?
(a) An animal snare.
(b) A bear trap.
(c) A net.
(d) A hole in the ground.

11. What reason does Katniss give Rue reassurance that sponsors will soon realize her value in the competition?
(a) She is clever.
(b) She is brave.
(c) She is still alive.
(d) She is strong.

12. Who does Katniss think of when she thinks of all the kisses she and Peeta have shared since arriving in the cave?
(a) Her mother.
(b) Haymitch.
(c) Prim.
(d) Gale.

13. How many tributes are left at the end of Part 2, Chapter 18?
(a) Eight.
(b) Six.
(c) Five.
(d) Ten.

14. What does Peeta reveal about his family that takes Katniss by surprise in Part 3, Chapter 23?
(a) That they only eat the stale food from their bakery.
(b) That they do not eat the food from their bakery at all.
(c) That his mother makes him eat the stale food while everyone else eats the rich foods.
(d) That they eat the richest foods in the bakery.

15. How does Katniss treat her wounds after the natural disaster that strikes the arena?
(a) Medication from Haymitch.
(b) Leaves.
(c) Water in a small pond.
(d) She does not.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the remaining tributes in Part 3, Chapter 22 does Katniss suggest she and Peeta might have liked back in District Twelve?

2. Why does Katniss tell Peeta the story of how she got Prim's goat in Part 3, Chapter 20?

3. What causes Katniss to wonder at the end of Part 3, Chapter 22 if Peeta might really be in love with her?

4. Where is Katniss injured during her fight with Clove in Part 3, Chapter 21?

5. In what does Katniss mix the medication she feeds to Peeta?

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