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Suzanne Collins
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Hunger Games, Part 3, Chapter 25, Chapter 26, and Chapter 27.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Panem?
(a) The hotel where Katniss lives.
(b) The ocean near where Katniss lives.
(c) The town where Katniss lives.
(d) The country where Katniss lives.

2. What does Katniss do in Part 3, Chapter 20 to generate food for her and Peeta?
(a) Sets snares.
(b) Picks berries.
(c) Hunts.
(d) Calls out to Haymitch.

3. Where is Katniss injured during her fight with Clove in Part 3, Chapter 21?
(a) The leg.
(b) The arm.
(c) The chest.
(d) The forehead.

4. What does Katniss reveal in Part 3, Chapter 19 causes her queasiness?
(a) Injured people.
(b) Nudity.
(c) Pus.
(d) Intimacy.

5. What does Katniss think is her greatest asset as she prepares to go to the feast in Part 3, Chapter 21?
(a) Her ability to run fast.
(b) Her ability to kill at a distance.
(c) Her ability to triumph at hand-to-hand combat.
(d) Her ability to camouflage.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Haymitch consider a rebellion about Peeta and Katniss' actions in the opening ceremonies?

2. Who is the first to retrieve a backpack at the feast in Part 3, Chapter 21?

3. What are tracker jackers?

4. What are Katniss and Peeta forced to watch during the ceremony to celebrate their win of the Hunger Games?

5. Why does Peeta urge Katniss to go easy on the rich food Haymitch has sent them at the beginning of Part 3, Chapter 23?

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