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Suzanne Collins
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Hunger Games, Part 3, Chapter 21 and Chapter 22.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What catches Katniss' attention about the dessert served the first night in the training center?
(a) It is four layers tall.
(b) It burns.
(c) It is made with rare berries.
(d) It is flavored with powdered sugar.

2. What is Katniss' design team doing to her as Part 1, Chapter 5 begins?
(a) Scrubbing the dirt from her skin.
(b) Removing all the hair on her body.
(c) Shaping her nails.
(d) Polishing her teeth.

3. What is a Peacekeeper?
(a) A soldier from the local district who patrol the outer borders of each district.
(b) A soldier from the Capitol who is assigned to keep order in the Districts.
(c) Politicians assigned to govern the districts.
(d) Futuristic cops assigned to enforce the rules of each district.

4. What does Haymitch say about Peeta's announcement at the end of the interviews?
(a) He made Katniss seem desirable.
(b) He made Katniss seem honorable.
(c) He made Katniss seem weak.
(d) He made Katniss seem childish.

5. What is in the trees growing in the roof garden on the training center?
(a) Bird feeders.
(b) Wind chimes.
(c) Tracker jacker nests.
(d) Bells.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is killed in Katniss' silent attack on the Careers in Part 2, Chapter 14?

2. Who does Katniss see picking through the wreckage of the Careers' supplies in Part 2, Chapter 17?

3. What beverage does Katniss try for the first time aboard the train taking her to the Capitol?

4. Who is Delly Cartwright?

5. What is Panem?

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