Objects & Places from The Hunger Games

Suzanne Collins
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These are the result of mating between government created birds and birds found in nature; they can repeat any simple song a person might sing to them.

The Woods

This is the area beyond the fence in District Twelve that provides a livelihood for Katniss and Gale.


This was the plant that, after glimpsing Peeta in the schoolyard, gave Katniss the idea that her family would not starve.


This is the item responsible for Katniss' first debt to Peeta.

Bow and Arrows

This is Katniss' weapon of choice, without which she would not be able to hunt in the woods.

Burn Ointment

This is a physicalll soothing items sent to Katniss by sponsors.


These foraged foods can be either life-sustaining or deadly depending on their nature.

The Capitol

This is the command center of Panem that controls the Districts.

The Districts

These are twelve...

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