Daily Lessons for Teaching The Hunger Games

Suzanne Collins
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Lesson 1 (from The Hunger Games, Part 1, Chapters One and Two)


The Hunger Games, Part 1, Chapters One and Two

The first few chapters of this novel introduce the reader to the author's writing style and the point of view. The objective of this lesson will focus on point of view.


1) Class Discussion: Discuss with the students the structure of the novel. Ask students to identify the narrating character and the point of view. Discuss the authors use of verb tense and the active voice in which the novel is written. Discuss the narrating character and how her experiences impact the story. Discuss other aspects of the author's writing style that impact the impression the reader is left with.

2) Point of View: Define point of view. Discuss with students the various types of point of view and help them name the point of view used in this novel. Discuss with students narration, the choice of narrating character...

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