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Ithaca, California - This is the small town where the action of the narrative takes place, the idealized home for many of the characters, particularly Marcus and Tobey.

The Telegraph Office - This is where Homer, Grogan and Spangler work is the setting for many of the novel's key scenes.

The Macaulay Home - This is the warm, inviting house where Homer, Ulysses, and the rest of the the family lives.

World War II - The death and destruction of this conflict is a looming, constant presence in the background of the narrative.

Telegrams - The sending, receiving, and delivery of these communications (sort of a pre-cell-phone text message), most of which bring news of death, play key roles in triggering and defining the narrative and thematic movement of the book.

Eggs - These appear several times throughout the book as apparent symbols of new life...

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