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Part 1, Chapters 1 through 7

• Young Ulysses Macauley enjoys nature in his back yard and then runs to watch a passing train, noting a black man who waves back at him.

• Throughout the day, Ulysses' mind returns to the joy emanating from that black man.

• Ulysses' older brother, Homer, wears his telegraph messenger uniform and rides his bike through town, singing and thinking of his older brother, Marcus, as he waves at a convoy of soldiers.

• Homer arrives at the telegraph office where he works after school and waits while the office manager, Mr. Spangler, pays for a poor young man to send a telegram to his mother asking for money so he can come home.

• Spangler sends Homer out for food and Spangler and Mr. Grogan, a telegraph operator, discuss the poverty of Homer's family and their belief that Homer is going to be a good employee.

• When Homer...

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