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Short Answer Questions

1. Who crumples like a coat and cries?

2. How does she feel when she drives into another neighborhood of “another color”?

3. What happened to the winner?

4. Who is too young to be her friend?

5. Who does Esperanza reluctantly dance with?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Esperanza try and convince her mother to allow her to eat in the canteen?

2. Why does she take a rice sandwich to school?

3. Why is Esperanza not afraid of the people in her neighborhood?

4. Why does Esperanza want to eat in the canteen?

5. What do the girls believe hips are good for?

6. Why do the girls begin arguing?

7. What does Esperanza get in this chapter that she’s been wanting?

8. What does she mean by: “That is how it goes and goes”?

9. How does Esperanza feel when the nun is inquiring where she lives?

10. Why does Esperanza feel like a balloon tied to an anchor?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In “Hips”, Esperanza, Nenny and their friends are discussing the girls who are growing and maturing. They are both excited by this new power of sexuality and terrified of it, why is this?

Essay Topic 2


a. What are the stereotypes of women in Esperanza’s culture?

b. What strong female characters does Esperanza look up to?

Essay Topic 3

Esperanza questions women’s roles in this book. Which characters does she pity? Which does she look up to? If she continues on the path of her friends and cousins, where does she think she’ll be in ten years?

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