Objects & Places from The House Next Door

Anne Rivers Siddons
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People Magazine

This periodical is the one in which the Kennedys plan to have the story of the haunted house published.

Kennedy and Satterfield, Inc.

This is the company at which Walter is the president and owner of half the interest.


This is the college from which Colquitt received her English degree.

The Harralsons' House

This structure is the one against which Walter and Colquitt Kennedy lead a public campaign.

McIntyre Lot

This originally separated the Kennedys' home from the Guthries' home and is now the location of the haunted house.

The Fountainhead

This is a book about an architect who builds what he likes regardless of public opinion; the book is frequently referenced in The House Next Door.


This war was fought in the 1960s and 1970s between Communist and Non-Communist forces.

Island Cottage

This building was originally owned by Charlie's father and is a...

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