The House Next Door Character Descriptions

Anne Rivers Siddons
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Colquitt Hastings Kennedy

This person is the narrator and main character of the novel. This character believes the house next door is haunted.

Walter Kennedy

This person is the narrator's husband.

Kim Dougherty

This person is the architect who designed the haunted house.

Claire Swanson

This character is the narrator's best friend and is the person who finds a woman shortly after she miscarries her baby.

Virginia Guthrie

The narrator describes this character as a true lady and a person who acts as the caretaker of the neighborhood.

Duck Swanson

This person has sex with his girlfriend in the haunted house while the two are babysitting; as a result, his girlfriend becomes pregnant.

Pie Harralson

This extroverted character was once voted homecoming queen in college and suffers a miscarriage.

Elliott Harralson

This character is a mama's boy whose father died when he was only nine years old; he...

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