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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Hermes steal from Apollo?

2. In a tribute, which Greek historian attributes the "Hymn to Apollo" to Homer?

3. What way does the poet describe the manifestation of Earth's blessings in children?

4. Based on the findings of archaeologists, which centuries have a gap between them where no writings have been found?

5. As used by the Greeks to describe The Homeric Hymns, what does the word, charis, mean?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are the varying lengths of the hymns?

2. What leads historians to believe that Homer either wrote or was influential in the writing of the hymns?

3. How is Artemis's beauty portrayed in The Second Hymn to Artemis.

4. How does Hermes invent the lyre?

5. What other name is Herakles known as, and how is he born?

6. What is Artemis's skill and how is it described?

7. What does Hermes do with the cattle, and how do his mother and Apollo respond?

8. Based on the story in The Third Hymn to Dionysus, why is Dionysus hidden as a child?

9. How is Asclepios described in The Hymn to Asclepios?

10. What happens during and after the "trial" of Hermes?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The Hymn to Ares introduces a thought provoking theory about war and peace.

1) Describe how The Hymn to Ares is different in style from the other hymns in the collection and the possible reasons why the poet chose to write it in this style.

2) Explain what Ares is known for and why the poet thinks Ares can provide help in gaining courage.

3) Analyze the request made by the poet at the end of The Hymn to Ares and the idea of how fighting wars might lead to peace.

Essay Topic 2

Using The Hymn to Hermes as an example, analyze the human element of Greek mythology and why it was necessary in order for people to relate to the stories of the gods. Include an explanation of what happens between Apollo and Hermes after the judgment, the significance or symbolism of the lyre and music, and what Hermes's wand represents.

Essay Topic 3

Chronicle the development of Ancient Greek lyrical poetry, the development of the Greek alphabet, how stories might have been created before it, and the different styles used to distinguish the epic poems from other writings. Include an explanation of the forms used in Homer's The Iliad and The Odyssey as a comparison to the writing in other ages and how Homer's work is used to support the theory of the existence of Homeric bards.

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