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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As stated in The Hymn to Aphrodite, what is Athena known for?
(a) Home.
(b) Fire.
(c) War.
(d) Hunting.

2. Based on the information provided in their hymn, what do the Muses influence?
(a) Music, history, dance, and poetry.
(b) Music, dance, and poetry, but not history.
(c) Music, history, and poetry, but not dance.
(d) Music, and dance, but not poetry or history.

3. Whose origin does The Hymn to the Sun describe?
(a) Poseidon.
(b) Apollo.
(c) Ares.
(d) Zeus.

4. How is Zeus described by the poet in The Hymn to Zeus?
(a) The strongest of all.
(b) The most popular of all.
(c) The most remembered of all.
(d) The most famous of all.

5. In the story, how does Aphrodite disguise herself in order to get close to Anchises?
(a) As a girl that Anchises once knew.
(b) As another goddess.
(c) As a girl that Anchises knows.
(d) As a mortal girl.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does the poet praise in The Second Hymn to Demeter?

2. Who reportedly witnessed the birth of Athena?

3. Whose child does Demeter attempt to make immortal?

4. According to the hymn, how does Demeter try to make a child immortal?

5. What is another word that depicts the form of art that Athena is associated with?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens when Aphrodite meets Anchises?

2. How does Demeter reward the kindness of Celeus and Metanira and what is the result?

3. How does Demeter encounter King Celeus and Metanira?

4. What is the reason given in The Hymn to Aphrodite for Aphrodite's attraction to mortal men?

5. What metaphor is used to describe the moon in The Hymn to the Moon?

6. Who assists the poet in the beginning of The Hymn to the Moon, and what is the moon's name?

7. How is The Hymn to Zeus written and how is Zeus defined in it?

8. Who are the Muses and what influence do they have?

9. How are Persephone and Demeter reunited and what are the conditions of Persephone's return?

10. Who is Hephaistos and what is he known for?

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