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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to the evidence presented in the Introduction, what are some of the hymns most likely a prelude for?
(a) Another book by a different author.
(b) Another book by Homer.
(c) A longer poem.
(d) A shorter poem.

2. How many songs are used to compose the Homeric Hymns?
(a) Thirty three.
(b) Fifty three.
(c) Forty three.
(d) Twenty three.

3. Who is the other major composer of early Greek poetry that is mentioned in the Introduction?
(a) Hesiod.
(b) Thespis.
(c) Euripides.
(d) Antimachus.

4. What is the Earth praised for in the first hymn?
(a) Her loyalty.
(b) Her commitment.
(c) Her sacredness.
(d) Her strength.

5. How does The Hymn to Dionysus begin?
(a) With a note from the translator.
(b) With a song about Dionysus.
(c) With a description of Dionysus.
(d) With a note from Homer.

Short Answer Questions

1. What type of armor does Ares have, according to the poet?

2. Making it different than many of the other hymns, how does The Hymn to Ares begin?

3. What type of leaves appear as the boat continues to sail while holding Dionysus?

4. What does Hermes use to enable him to fly as he disguises his theft?

5. Who jumps overboard after Dionysus's transformation?

Short Essay Questions

1. What leads historians to believe that Homer either wrote or was influential in the writing of the hymns?

2. What does Hermes do with the cattle, and how do his mother and Apollo respond?

3. How does the poet explain Hera's power?

4. Based on the story in The Third Hymn to Dionysus, why is Dionysus hidden as a child?

5. How is the Earth referred to in The Hymn to the Earth, and what is she praised for?

6. What is Artemis's skill and how is it described?

7. How is Artemis's beauty portrayed in The Second Hymn to Artemis.

8. What happens to the crew of the sailing ship that captured Dionysus?

9. How is the birth and childhood of Dionysus described in The Second Hymn to Dionysus?

10. According to The Hymn to the Earth, how do the Earth's blessings manifest?

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