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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to the myth, where was Athena born?
(a) From her mother's forehead.
(b) From her mother's chin.
(c) From her father's forehead.
(d) From her father's chin.

2. Where is Demeter's daughter taken when she is kidnapped?
(a) A mountain.
(b) The underworld.
(c) Atlantis.
(d) An island.

3. In The Hymn to Aphrodite, what job does Anchises have?
(a) He is a sheepherder.
(b) He is a poet.
(c) He is a soldier.
(d) He is a cowherd.

4. Whose child does Demeter attempt to make immortal?
(a) Metanira.
(b) Marpesia.
(c) Pasiphae.
(d) Pyrrha.

5. Which one of the following is a term used by the poet to characterize Zeus?
(a) The best.
(b) The greatest.
(c) The incomparable.
(d) The original.

6. Which one of the following was Poseidon also known for?
(a) Earthquakes.
(b) Hurricanes.
(c) Tornadoes.
(d) Floods.

7. What does the poet ask to be blessed with at the conclusion of the final Hymn to Athena?
(a) Happiness and fortune.
(b) Good luck and happiness.
(c) Good luck and wealth.
(d) Happiness and knowledge.

8. How is Zeus described by the poet in The Hymn to Zeus?
(a) The strongest of all.
(b) The most popular of all.
(c) The most famous of all.
(d) The most remembered of all.

9. Who does Zeus send to free Demeter's daughter?
(a) Apollo.
(b) Hermes.
(c) Poseidon.
(d) Ares.

10. What job did Hephaistos have, according to the hymn?
(a) He is a carpenter.
(b) He is a blacksmith.
(c) He is a painter.
(d) He is a scupltor.

11. According to Aphrodite, what will the child she has with Anchises grow to become?
(a) A great warrior.
(b) A great philosopher.
(c) A great poet.
(d) A great writer.

12. What is another word that depicts the form of art that Athena is associated with?
(a) Weaving.
(b) Music.
(c) Dancing.
(d) Painting.

13. How is Hades first described in The Hymn to Demeter?
(a) He who receives so few.
(b) He who receives so many.
(c) He who takes from the Earth.
(d) He who takes what is not theirs.

14. What is the general tone of The Hymn to Zeus?
(a) Organized.
(b) Simple.
(c) Complex.
(d) Confusing.

15. Whose knowledge is related to the Muses, according to the poet in The Hymn to the Muses?
(a) Ares.
(b) Poseidon.
(c) Apollo.
(d) Zeus.

Short Answer Questions

1. When does Aphrodite say that Aeneas, the child she has with Anchises, will be able to return to earth?

2. What type of arts is Athena known for?

3. According to the poet of the hymns, who is responsible for Aphrodite's desire for mortal men?

4. How many hymns are there to Athena?

5. Who is Demeter's daughter?

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