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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which one of the following epics was composed by Homer?
(a) Metamorpheses.
(b) Theogony.
(c) Works and Days.
(d) The Odyssey.

2. In The Hymn to Ares, what word is used to describe Ares's force?
(a) Sheer.
(b) Magnificent.
(c) Strengthened.
(d) Superior.

3. How does Hermes's mother discover that he has been up to no good?
(a) His odd behavior.
(b) His absence.
(c) His silence.
(d) His rudeness.

4. In the opinion of the author, how does Hera's power compare to the influence of her husband?
(a) It is more powerful.
(b) It is less powerful.
(c) It is equal.
(d) It is less powerful in some ways, and more powerful in other ways.

5. What is the voice that the author refers to in The Hymn to Ares provoking him to do?
(a) Write another song.
(b) Retreat from battle.
(c) Enter battle.
(d) Write another poem.

6. What meter are the hymns composed in?
(a) Tetrameter.
(b) Hexameter.
(c) Trimeter.
(d) Pentameter.

7. What instrument is Artemis known for using?
(a) Cannon.
(b) Her voice.
(c) Bow.
(d) Her feet.

8. What type of leaves appear as the boat continues to sail while holding Dionysus?
(a) Vine and flower leaves.
(b) Plant leaves.
(c) Plant and flower leaves.
(d) Vine leaves.

9. What does the helmsman of the boat recognize?
(a) That the boat was going off course.
(b) The holiness of the prisoner.
(c) That the boat was sinking.
(d) The danger that the crew is in.

10. What type of voice does the author ask Ares to help him restore?
(a) A chilling voice.
(b) A shrill voice.
(c) A relentless voice.
(d) A loud voice.

11. Who is judging Hermes for his crimes?
(a) Hestia.
(b) Apollo.
(c) Hera.
(d) Zeus.

12. What happens to the helmsman in The Hymn to Dionysus?
(a) He swims to safety on a nearby island.
(b) He is richly rewarded.
(c) He is released by Dionysus on an island.
(d) He is turned into a hawk.

13. What talent of Apollo is described in the first Hymn to Hermes?
(a) Writing.
(b) Music.
(c) Archery.
(d) Magic.

14. How many songs are used to compose the Homeric Hymns?
(a) Forty three.
(b) Fifty three.
(c) Twenty three.
(d) Thirty three.

15. How does The Hymn to Ares end?
(a) With a riddle.
(b) With a prediction.
(c) With a prayer.
(d) With a song.

Short Answer Questions

1. What type of nourishment of humanity does the Earth have according to the first hymn?

2. As used by the Greeks to describe The Homeric Hymns, what does the word, charis, mean?

3. When does Hermes reportedly kill a large turtle?

4. Who is the father of Hermes, according to the first Hymn?

5. According to The Third Hymn to Dionysus, why is Dionysus raised in secrecy?

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