The Homeric Hymns Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. How long ago was the collection of The Homeric Hymns formed, and how many songs were compiled?

Thirty three songs were used to compile The Homeric Hymns. The collection was formed thousands of years ago and is still regarded as one of the best representations of Greek mythology.

2. What leads historians to believe that Homer either wrote or was influential in the writing of the hymns?

Homer had a particular style called hexameter that was also used in the hymns. For this reason, many historians think that Homer may have written some of the hymns and/or influenced the Homeric bards to write the others. Hexameter is the term used to describe Homer's writing style because it has six units, and each of them contains either a dactyl or a spondee. The difference is that a dactyl features one long and two short syllables while a spondee has two long syllables. Either way, both of them are combined to give the writer more flexibility when composing in a hexameter verse.

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