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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Hymns to the Sun, Moon and the Dioscuri.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to the poet, what type of sign is the monthly occurrence of a full moon?
(a) A sign for help.
(b) An assurance.
(c) A troubling sign.
(d) A confirmation.

2. As stated in the hymn, which King welcomes Demeter into his home?
(a) Celeus.
(b) Tennes.
(c) Midas.
(d) Pelops.

3. What animal does Dionysus turn into while on board the ship?
(a) A wolf.
(b) A tiger.
(c) A lion.
(d) A bear.

4. As explained in the hymn, how did the witnesses of Athena's birth respond to the event?
(a) With laughter.
(b) With silence.
(c) With sadness.
(d) With fear.

5. How is Hephaistos described in The Hymn to Hephaistos?
(a) Ugly, but not deformed.
(b) Deformed, but not ugly.
(c) Neither ugly nor deformed.
(d) Ugly and deformed.

Short Answer Questions

1. In what way does the author describe how Earth's blessings manifest themselves in females?

2. In the story, where is Dionysus raised?

3. How does the poet describe the cowardice he would like to "shake off" in The Hymn to Ares?

4. What is the judgment that Hermes receives?

5. Whose house does the poet mention at the end of The Second Hymn to Hestia because it is blessed by Hestia?

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