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• The Homeric Hymns are introduced as a compilation of thirty-three songs that are written and sung to praise the gods and goddesses of Greek mythology.
• Homer's writing style is described as well as a possible theory for how it was adapted to write the hymns.
• The author explains the intent of the hymns, which is to provide an understanding of the gods and goddesses and their relationship with humanity.

Hymns to the Earth, Artemis, Hera, and the Mother of the Gods

• The Hymn to the Earth begins the collection with praise for Earth and her manifestations.
• Two hymns are written about Artemis, who is known for her hunting skills as well as her grace and beauty.
• The Mother of the Gods is praised by humans, animals, and nature, with the help of the Muses.

The Hymns to Dionysus

• Dionysus's capture by a rogue sailing ship is described...

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