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This is the name given to the island by Brutus. Brutus was told about this particular island by the goddess, Diana, and it is here that he makes a home for himself and the freed Trojans.

Albany, Kambria, and Loegria

These are three parts of Britain. Each part is named after one of Brutus' sons.

The Giant's Ring

Merlin tells Aurelius to fetch this from its original place in Ireland and place it around the graves of the honored nobles at Mount Ambrius.

Arthur's Dream

Arthur is on his way to Southampton to engage Lucius in battle when this happens. Arthur's advisers believe it to mean that Arthur will soon battle a giant and emerge victorious.

The Rivers

The three main ones in Britain are the Thames, the Severn, and the Humber.

Molmutine Laws

These are established by Dunvallo Molmutius.

The Five Races

Britain is inhabited by...

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