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Dedication and Part One: Brutus Occupies the Island of Albion

• Geoffrey's dedication is a request that his benefactor, Alexander, receive the text favorably.

• The first part opens with a description of Britain as an idyllic island, boasting of rich soil and noble rivers.

• There are five races of man that populate the isle; the Britons are the original inhabitants.

• Geoffrey of Monmouth says he will relate to the reader exactly how Britain became overrun by outside forces.

• The story of Brutus' birth and rise to power is told; Brutus assumes a leadership role and begins planning to free the Trojan slaves.
• War begins, and Brutus is victorious; he goes out to tell the Trojan people of his recent victory.

• The war continues, and Brutus is once again victorious.

• Brutus allows his men to divide the spoils among themselves while he consults with his advisers on what to do...

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