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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the most effective derivation of power in regards to sexuality?

2. What are the two great procedures for producing the truth about sex?

3. What does Foucault say are the components of the regime that sustains discourse on sexuality?

4. What effect did the classification of perversions have?

5. What did the author of "My Secret Life" write about?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did the institutions of education of children develop their own sexual discourse?

2. What is the relationship that Foucault defines between power and pleasure?

3. What is the classification of perversions, and what effect did it have?

4. What was "My Secret Life" and why was it relevant to Foucault's argument?

5. What are the three topics of doubt about the repressive hypothesis that Foucault will seek to explore?

6. How did the method of interpretation help solidify scientia sexualis?

7. According to Foucault, what affect has the supposed power of restriction and limitation had over sexuality?

8. What does Foucault mean by the "speaker's benefit?"

9. Who was the peasant Jouy, and why was he significant to Foucault's argument?

10. What mechanisms spread sexual discourse after the confessional? Give examples.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In the beginning of the book, Foucault asserts that he will explain how the repressive hypothesis is in fact a constituent component of repression itself. Explain what he means.

Part 1: What is the repressive hypothesis?

Part 2: What is the social construct that repressive hypothesis is a part of? How is it a part of it?

Part 3: How does the repressive hypothesis fit in and function with sexuality today?

Essay Topic 2

Foucault defines two very different views of sexuality in the four power operations. In the classification of perversions sexuality is seen not as a habit but part of the essential nature of the person. In the medicalization of sexuality, it is seen as something to be analyzed and treated. Define each view and discuss the different effects and out comes on power relationships of each one.

Part 1: Explain sexuality in the classification of perversions, and the resulting dynamics.

Part 2: Explain sexuality in the medicalization of sexuality, and the resulting dynamics.

Part 3: What is your opinion?

Essay Topic 3

In part four, Foucault describes the focus of sexuality changing from a matter of death and sin to a matter of life and illness. What does he mean?

Part 1: How is sexuality originally seen as a matter of death and sin?

Part 2: What does Foucault mean by sexuality being a matter of life and illness? How did this come about?

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