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Short Answer Questions

1. One movement that occurred in England at the time of the Great War promoted a belief that education should consist of classical and English _____.

2. Who are referred to as shepherds tending to their sheep?

3. What happened to some of the new language adapted from the war?

4. What author writes showing the use of an elegy based on the pastoral?

5. What is looting usually associated with?

Short Essay Questions

1. What types of Anglicized and pet names did the troops make for cities and places?

2. How are elegies based on the pastoral?

3. How is bathing soldiers a part of wartime literature?

4. How are flowers and the color red associated with the pastoral?

5. In relation to love, explain the soldier's world in the battlefield?

6. Explain the relationship between soldier and officer as written about through poems and writings of the time.

7. In Anthony Burgess' book The Wanting Seed, the main character is Tristram Fox, who is in the military and decides the war is a farce and a fake. What happens when Tristram serves on the front line?

8. What is Graves "But It Still Goes On" about?

9. Explain how the British pre-war class system was the most pronounced in Europe.

10. What is so special about blond males in most wartime literature? Name some authors who wrote about blond males.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Fussell states there are some writers who associate the theater with the military. How and why do the writers make these associations? Give five examples of how the military is associated with the theater; giving titles and authors of works addressing this topic if not specifically from Fussell.

Essay Topic 2

The sky, sunrises, and sunsets were popular topics during wartime literature. Fussell mentions some examples of wartime literature authors who talk about the sky, sunrises, and sunsets. Who are these authors? In what genre do they write? Match a specific title to the author and genre. What specifically do they refer to in their writing? (skies, sunrises, sunsets) What makes skies, sunrises, and sunsets so symbolic to wartime literature? Give specific examples from the writing.

Essay Topic 3

Fussell writes about the dichotomy between soldiers and officers in the military. Does this dichotomy cause tension between the officers and soldiers? List any works and authors who speak of this dichotomy and what they say about the dichotomy.

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