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Short Answer Questions

1. When Graves recovers, he returns to his unit. Where is his unit stationed?

2. What was the absence of women for some soldiers?

3. Fussell shows that some words, such as trench coat, stemmed from _____.

4. What type of bird is associated with sunset?

5. Where does Graves study English literature?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is bathing soldiers a part of wartime literature?

2. What is Edmund Blunden's "Undertones of War" about?

3. How have gardens always been an important factor in English literature and the word pastoral applies to war literature?

4. In Anthony Burgess' book The Wanting Seed, the main character is Tristram Fox, who is in the military and decides the war is a farce and a fake. What happens when Tristram serves on the front line?

5. How are sheep and shepherds a part of things pastoral and used in literature?

6. How was there a debate on whether the English language was not adequate to deal with war?

7. What are the two reasons Fussell believes the British soldiers have a flair for theatrics?

8. Give examples of words or phrases that stemmed from the war.

9. What sorts of things are considered pastoral in the literature about the war?

10. What was "Over There" and why are the sites of World War I and II distant to most Americans?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Fussell writes about the dichotomy between soldiers and officers in the military. Does this dichotomy cause tension between the officers and soldiers? List any works and authors who speak of this dichotomy and what they say about the dichotomy.

Essay Topic 2

Fussell paints a clear picture to demonstrate the lack of preparation by the British for the war. In what ways were the British unprepared to enter battle? Who was responsible for this lack of preparation by the British? Was it one person in general or did it depend upon what area of preparation one speaks of? What ways could the British become better prepared for battle?

Essay Topic 3

Fussell chooses many writers to help give examples. Pick one poet and one other writer Fussell mentions in wartime literature. Once the poet and writer have been chosen, write a biography on each of these writers, focusing on why they chose to write in the manner they did and why they chose their subject(s).

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