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Harold C. Schonberg
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters XXIV and XXV.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the late 18th century, piano-playing techniques changed from Clementi's classic horizontal hand and arm level to outward-turned hands and wrists exemplified by whom?
(a) Johann Nepomuk Hummel.
(b) Ignaz Moscheles.
(c) Adolf von Henselt.
(d) Carl Czerny.

2. What is the name of a term used to describe a piano playing style that was a brilliant romanticist musical approach that transcended technique and was made famous by Franz Liszt and others?
(c) Bravura.

3. What is a term used to describe various tools invented to help young piano students learn and practice that included a chiroplast, guide-mains, dactylion to suspend fingers on springs, pocket hand exerciser, and technicon among others that promised perfection with less work?
(a) Devices and mechanisms.
(b) Etude and arpeggio.
(c) Legato and stacatto.
(d) Etudes and scales.

4. What German pianist, conductor, and composer of Czech birth was a pupil of B. D. Weber in Prague and of Albrechtsberger and Salieri in Vienna?
(a) Carl Czerny.
(b) Johann Nepomuk Hummel.
(c) Adolf von Henselt.
(d) Ignaz Moscheles.

5. What nickname did the pianist Vladimir de Pachmann acquire?
(a) "Brahma of the Keyboard."
(b) "The Little Giant."
(c) "The Maestro."
(d) "Chopinzee."

Short Answer Questions

1. What German Romantic composer of orchestral and choral works was born in 1809 in Hamburg?

2. Who studied under Carl Czerny and began his public career at the age of 11, appearing at the Teatro San Benedetto, Venice, in 1843?

3. When did Leopold de Meyer debut in America?

4. What German pianist and composer was a pupil of Hummel and Sechter and became court pianist in St Petersburg?

5. What musician played like a skilled de Pachmann, according to the author?

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