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Charles Graeber
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Short Answer Questions

1. At what time did Prosecutor Forrest insist that Tim and Danny end the first interrogation with Charles Cullen after he’d been officially arrested for murder in Part II: Chapter 61?

2. Who was the state coroner that performed the autopsy on McKinley Crews?

3. How old was Amy’s daughter in Part II: Chapter 47?

4. Where did Ed Zizik work a volunteer job since his retirement, according to the author in Part II: Chapter 39?

5. Who was the Vice President of the hospital in Norristown, Pennsylvania that Tim Braun spoke to about removing Charles Cullen from their training schedule in Part II: Chapter 57?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where was a search warrant served during Charles Cullen’s interrogation in Part II: Chapter 55? What was found?

2. Who had gone to the authorities regarding the incidents at Saint Luke’s? Why?

3. What had Tim Braun and Danny Bowers discovered about Charles Cullen’s work history in Part II: Chapter 33?

4. Where did Danny Bowers go to obtain more information for the investigation in Part II: Chapter 35?

5. Why did Tim Braun tell his detectives to question the nurses at Somerset Medical about Amy Loughren?

6. What did Amy say to Charles Cullen during their lunch date in Part II: Chapter 59?

7. What was decided in the meeting between Danny, Tim, and Dr. Mambo in Part II: Chapter 37?

8. Whom did Tim Braun call once he discovered the news of Charles Cullen’s new employment in Part II: Chapter 57? Why?

9. How does the author describe Amy Loughren’s reaction upon studying Charles Cullen’s Pyxis reports in Part II: Chapter 45?

10. What discovery did Amy Loughren make at Somerset Medical that led her to grasp how Charles Cullen was able to obtain medications in Part II: Chapter 51?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the investigation at Saint Barnabas Medical Center and the information gathered. How much of the evidence pointed to Charles Cullen? Why was the matter not turned over to police? What conclusions were drawn from the investigation?

Essay Topic 2

Describe and discuss the drugs discovered in the sharps bin at Saint Luke’s and Charles Cullen’s motivations for stealing and stashing these medications. Why do you think Cullen used the sharps bin as a storage place? How many of the drugs found here were capable of killing someone?

Essay Topic 3

Amy Loughren’s response to the information she learned about Charles Cullen through Tim and Danny. How did Amy perceive the information she saw on Charlie’s Pyxis reports? How did Amy translate this information for the detectives? How important was Amy’s role in the investigation, trials, and conviction of Charles Cullen?

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