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Charles Graeber
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who did the regional medical examiner, Dr. Mambo, consult with from the State Toxicology Lab about Tim and Danny’s inquiries in Part II: Chapter 37?
(a) Dr. Marcus.
(b) Dr. Cors.
(c) Dr. Mambo.
(d) Dr. Jackson.

2. Where was Ed Zizik retired from, according to the author in Part II: Chapter 39?
(a) Automatic Switch.
(b) Greystone Psychiatric Hospital.
(c) Warren Hospital.
(d) ConEdison.

3. Who wrote the memo that Somerset Medical sent to Danny Baldwin and Tim Braun in Part II: Chapter 31?
(a) Ellen Amedeo.
(b) Lisa Gannon.
(c) Raymond Fleming.
(d) Thelma Moyer.

4. Where did Ed Zizik work a volunteer job since his retirement, according to the author in Part II: Chapter 39?
(a) Somerset Medical Center.
(b) Warren Hospital.
(c) Hunterdon Hospital.
(d) Greystone Psychiatric Hospital.

5. Who was the outside pathologist hired by the DA in Pennsylvania to review the charts for the investigation on Charles Cullen, according to the author in Part II: Chapter 35?
(a) Dr. Zarar Shaleen.
(b) Dr. Bruce Ruck.
(c) Eddy Bresnitz, MD.
(d) Dr. Isidore Mihalakis.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many years was Ed Zizik into his retirement, according to the author in Part II: Chapter 39?

2. Where does the author say the FBI had specialists that examined serial killers and nothing else in Part II: Chapter 48?

3. What is said to indicate whether or not a patient is to be resuscitated if they code and what measures are and are not permitted for them?

4. On what date did Pat Medellin tell her story about her suspicions of Charles Cullen to an acquaintance who worked with the Easton Police Department, according to the author in Part II: Chapter 35?

5. One of the nurses from Saint Luke’s had testified that when Charles Cullen worked the CCU, they’d average how many Code Blues a month, according to the author in Part II: Chapter 35?

Short Essay Questions

1. What information did Tim Braun find for Charles Cullen through the computer system in Part II: Chapter 32?

2. What did Tim Braun learn when he called the Pyxis manufacturer in Part II: Chapter 43?

3. What occurred as Charles Cullen drove to work in the beginning of Part II: Chapter 41?

4. Who called Amy Loughren during her meeting with Danny and Tim in Part II: Chapter 46? Why?

5. Where had Charles Cullen been hired in Part II: Chapter 56? How was this revealed to the detectives?

6. Who attended the exhuming and autopsy of Reverend Gall in Part II: Chapter 40?

7. What new records had Danny and Tim obtained from Somerset Medical in Part II: Chapter 43? What did Danny and Tim glean from the reports?

8. Where was a search warrant served during Charles Cullen’s interrogation in Part II: Chapter 55? What was found?

9. How does the author describe Amy Loughren’s reaction upon studying Charles Cullen’s Pyxis reports in Part II: Chapter 45?

10. How was Danny Bowers and Tim Braun’s meeting with Dr. Steven Marcus described in Part II: Chapter 36?

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