The Good Nurse Character Descriptions

Charles Graeber
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Charles Cullen

Born February 22, 1960, this former nurse from West Orange, New Jersey, was apprehended on December 15, 2003 and eventually confessed to killing more than forty people in the span of his 16-year nursing career. He is suspected to have killed many more.

Amy Loughren

Described as a tall, buxom, and attractive blond nurse at Somerset Medical Center, this individual ended up being the key secret witness that helped lock away her onetime friend. She helped the detectives through wiretapping as well as in analyzing the medical reports surrounding the case.

Catherine Westerfer

This girlfriend of “The Angel of Death” was pregnant with his child at the time of his arrest. Their relationship had been strained for some time, and she had repeatedly asked him to move out of her house in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Thomas Arnold

This individual was the assistant director of security at Saint Barnabas Medical Center and...

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