The Good Earth Short Answer Test - Answer Key

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1. How old is the daughter of the grain merchant that Wang Lung seeks for his eldest son's bride in Chapter 23?


2. For how long does the grain merchant insist his daughter must wait until she is wed to Wang Lung's eldest son in Chapter 23?

3 years.

3. How old is Wang Lung's eldest son in Chapter 24?


4. The narrator says of Lotus in Chapter 24, "... and with her wide eyes and small mouth she looked more than ever like a plump little" what?


5. What symbol of a band of robbers does Wang Lung's uncle wear inside his coat?

A red beard.

6. What does Wang Lung promise to the prostitute who has been visited by Wang Lung's son in Chapter 23?

He will give her twice the silver for turning his son away.

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