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Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Gebu go secondly when Ranofer is following him?

2. When does Ranofer explore the tomb?

3. Where does his rescuer take him?

4. What does Ranofer do when he is frightened?

5. What does Ranofer suspect Gebu of?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Chapter 9 how does Ranofer feel when he goes to work? What does Gebu do at his job and what does Ranofer realize when he studies Gebu?

2. What holiday is approaching and what do the three friends decide to do about it?

3. What does the midget and then the queen make Ranofer do?

4. Why do you think Ranofer believes Gebu is stealing again?

5. What do the three friends decide to do at the tombs after Ranofer meets with them?

6. What are Heqet and the Ancient doing while Ranofer is trying to catch Gebu?

7. What does Ranofer realize about Gebu's possessions and what do the three friends decide to do?

8. What kind of people does Ranofer now have in his life and why might a reader be happy about it?

9. How much information are the friends gathering and why didn't Ranofer follow Gebu one night in Chapter 10?

10. What does Ranofer see when he follows Gebu into the valley and what might that tell the reader?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Ranofer and Heqet argue when Heqet tries to get Ranofer to take some of his food. They are joined by the Ancient, who convinces Ranofer that taking Heqet's food would be doing him a favor. The boys then share their stories with the Ancient and include him in their growing circle of friendship.

1. Why do you think Ranofer argues with Heqet? Why do you think Heqet is insisting on his actions? Use examples from the book to support your answer.

2. Why do you think the Ancient believes Ranofer is doing Heqet a favor by taking some of his food?

3. What do you think, given the era in which this novel takes place, is meant by sharing stories? How important do you think sharing stories might be in a more primative era?

Essay Topic 2

Ranofer is stuck in a situation where he is constantly afraid for his own well being and doing a job he finds desperately boring and exhausting. Heqet and the Ancient have become the only people that Ranofer can trust and rely on. It is a friendship that will hopefully help Ranofer survive Gebu's cruelty.

1. Discuss the emotional impact Gebu's abuse might have on Ranofer. Use examples from the book and your own life to support your answer.

2. What do you think Ranofer's friendship with Heqet and the Ancient might do to mitigate some of the emotional trauma Ranofer might be suffering from Gebu's abuse? Discuss the ways in which Heqet and the Ancient could help Ranofer.

3. Most children who are abused suffer many emotional, personality and physical symptoms. Citing examples from the book discuss these symptoms that are seen in Ranofer.

Essay Topic 3

Ranofer wakes, convinced that noises he heard in the night were the sounds of his father's spirit come to guide him. Ranofer gathers the small breakfast Gebu has left for him and visits his father's tomb, leaving half the meal as a gift.

1. Do you think it is possible Ranofer's dead father's spirit visited him? Why or why not.

2. Discuss why the fact that people in Ranofer's culture believed in life after death encourage the type of thinking Ranofer is doing about his father's spirit?

3. Given that Ranofer is a growing boy and needs all of his food, discuss the pros and cons of Ranofer leaving his breakfast at his father's tombs. Include in your discussion your own opinion of his action.

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