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Draw a map of Ranofer's town including the major places in the novel such as the river, the Valley of the Tombs, Zau's shop, Rekh's shop, Gebu's shop, Ranofer's house, and the palace.


Research the type of dress that was worn in Ranofer's culture and have a day when the students wear as similar a dress as possible.

Character Portrait

Draw a portrait of Ranofer, the queen, Heqet, and Gebu in any media.

Television Reporter

As a television reporter, provide a detailed description with interviews of the capture of the tomb robbers.

Screen Play

Write a screenplay of the scene with Ranofer, the midget, and the queen with the students acting out the parts. Make the dialogue different from that found in the book.

Character Pictures

Tell the students to bring in pictures cut from magazines that illustrate their idea of what Ranofer, Heqet, Gebu, the...

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