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Chapters 1-2

• Ranofer works as a porter in Rekh's goldsmith's shop although he would rather be an apprentice.

• His half-brother will not pay the apprentice fee and he has to give his brother all of his wages.

• Ibni, a worker at the shop tells Ranofer he has a wineskin to send home to Ranofer's brother, Gebu.

• Later Ranofer learns someone is stealing gold from the shop and wonders if it is Ibni and Gebu.
• He is afraid if he tells Rekh he will be implicated in the theft since he took the wineskin to his brother.

• Ranofer decides to stop bringing the wineskins home and to confront Gebu about the theft.

• He helps a new apprentice, Heqet, to clean gold scrapings and Heqet asks him questions about his past.

• It is hard for him to talk of his father's death and his inability to be an apprentice so...

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