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Volume One, Book First, Chapter 1

• During his walk with Maggie in Book First Chapter 1, the Prince contemplates his upcoming marriage and tells Maggie that he admires her and her father's goodness.

• Maggie says that she has learned a great deal about the Prince from reading about his family's history.

• Maggie comments that her father is a very romantic man. He is gathering a collection of rare and valuable items to give to his native city.

• The Prince admits to himself that this marriage to Maggie is an opportunity to make a new name for himself.

• The Prince visits Fanny, who is the person who introduced the Prince to Maggie. The Prince has a lot of confidence in Maggie, as she has always helped steer him in the right direction in the past.

Volume One, Book First, Chapters 2-3

• The Prince admits that he has some fear about the...

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